Ouro Verde does not publish a sustainability report or similar document. However, given the relevance of the issue and the importance we see increasing its transparency, the company is considering formalizing an analysis process (diagnostic) and action plan to improve its sustainability practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the beginning of its trajectory, Ouro Verde has developed actions that demonstrate its commitment to the development, awareness and solidarity with the variety of stakeholders with which it interacts. In order to enhance and multiply its initiatives, Ouro Verde identified the need to establish a civic culture within the organization and format its social responsibility and volunteer initiatives in an organized manner, based on three pillars: employees, family and community.

Ouro Verde believes that a company’s growth is guided by ethical and socially responsible relationships with the various stakeholders with whom it interacts, including employees, families, communities, service provides, government, society. Guided by this understanding, it is developing a variety of internal initiatives and seeks to encourage its employees to volunteer at institutions supported by Ouro Verde, in addition to encouraging participation in solidarity campaigns. The Company aims to significantly contribute to the development of people and communities.


Solidarity Contest

The Solidarity Contest program, a volunteer program introduced in 2011, aims to awaken and stimulate the spirit of solidarity among the Company’s employees, encouraging them to volunteer and exercise their civic duties. Through the contest, which is held annually, volunteers develop improvement projects that impact the physical structure of social institutions, as well as the publics that they serve. In 2012, Ouro Verde registered the participation of 150 volunteers in the project, with 14 institutions benefiting in the municipalities of Curitiba, Sertãozinho and Rio de Janeiro, reaching 13,200 people (compared with 80 volunteers, five institutions benefiting and 900 people reached in 2011).

Projects Implemented in 2011

  • Otto Bracarense Municipal School - refurbishment of the library, playroom and playground;
  • Paraná Clinical Hospital - refurbishment of the playroom in a pediatric wing;
  • Antonia Children’s Home - improvements to the external façade and the donation of psychomotor equipment;
  • CriançArteira Children’s Home - implementation of a call center, refurbishment of the external façade and the playground; and
  • Recanto do Tarumã Home for the Elderly - refurbishment of the music therapy room and donation of new equipment (guitars, microphones, speakers and a soundboard).

Projects Implemented in 2012


  • Dario Persiano Dario Velozzo Municipal School - refurbishment of four classrooms: science and technology, arts, environmental education and information technology, designated as technological classrooms;
  • Otto Bracarense Municipal School - refurbishment of the cafeteria;
  • São Miguel Municipal School - refurbishment of the science classroom;
  • Erasto Gaertner Hospital - refurbishment of the Emergency Care space and the creation of capacity for an additional two patients;
  • Pequeno Príncipe Hospital - refurbishment of the Volunteer Area;
  • Evangelical University Hospital of Curitiba - refurbishment of the SUS playroom;
  • Dona Vera Children’s Home - installation of a milk dispensary;
  • Recanto do Tarumã Home for the Elderly - refurbishment of the Social Services Area;
  • São Vicente de Paulo Center for the Elderly - installation of a new beauty salon; and
  • Novo Mundo Shelter for Girls - refurbishment of the cafeteria and the bathroom.


  • Nosso Lar Children’s Home - refurbishment of the study room and computer room; and
  • Amparo à Criança Filhos de Deus Children’s Home - construction of a playroom.

Rio de Janeiro:

  • Minha Casa Children’s Home - refurbishment of the cafeteria; and
  • Minha Casa, Doce Casa Children’s Home - refurbishment of outdoor cafeteria.


Social Campaigns

Ouro Verde uses social campaigns to mobilize employees and their family members in order to create a culture and habit of solidarity. They are usually connected with special dates (such as Mother‘s Day, Christmas and Easter) and the items collected are forwarded on to institutions near our facilities. The Company’s social campaigns benefited approximately 7,400 people in 2012.

We also promote internal campaigns to promote culture, quality of life and self-worth, which also had a relevant impact in 2012, impacting approximately 2,500 employees and their family members.


Institutional Support

Ouro Verde is a sponsor of UNILEHU - Universidade Livre para a Eficiência Humana, an institute that develops social programs focused on employment for people with special needs. In 2012, approximately 2,000 people were served by UNILEHU.

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